We just celebrated my youngest daughter’s 40th birthday. What a great night it was. We had about 40 people who helped us sing Happy Birthday to Sherri. As I was looking around at all the family and friends who were to help us celebrate, God spoke to my heart and said, “This is what is really important.”  He said, its all the friends and family that are gathered here to share all the memories of the past. These are the things that are important in life. Its not all the things and toys that we accumulate, not the houses and the cars, but the people we have built memories with. At that were there have been through good times and some bad times but we are all together and we share our lives with one another.

This is what life is all about. It’s about the relationships that we have build over the last 40 or 50 years. Some really good friends and a great family, with all our flaws and problems we are still together, serving the Lord and injuring the life that God has provided us with. WHAT A GREAT GOD WE SERVE.

If your not part of a FAMILY like this come join us, we will bring you in and make you a part of a great FAMILY



Many people live unfulfilled and frustrated lives because we do not understand the truth about MONEY. They believe lies that the enemy has told them about money. Things like, “money is unimportant”, “money is evil” and “money never hurt anybody.” These are lies that the enemy will tell you to confound your thinking on the matter of money.


Money can do a lot of bad things to a lot of people, however it can also do a lot of good for a lot of people if we know the purpose of money. Money is a tool just like a hammer or a drill. It can be used to hit someone in the head or it can be used to build a homeless shelter for homeless people. Which do you suppose would be the best use for the hammer?


Money can be used for evil and it can also be used to bless other people. The difference is how we look at MONEY. How do you look at money? Do you use it for good and for blessing other people, do you keep it just for your own needs, or do you use it for evil.





When we talk about ENLARGING PEOPLE we are talking about making an investment in people. When you make an investment, any kind of investment, it will cost you something in time or money or personal involvement. I believe the best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. Invest in your mind, your spirit, your body. When you invest in yourself you will automatically be investing in others at the same time.

People are the best inventory you have at your disposal. Sometimes we do not really value people the way we should. We have a tendency to value them if they can do something to help me get what I want. However valuing people should not be based on what they can do for you but what you can do for them. They may not be able to repay you for what you have done for them, but they are not your boss and they do not sign your paychecks. God is the one who can repay you for the kindness you do for other people.

God is the one who keeps track of what you are doing here on planet earth. He keeps score and He will repay in due season. You will be rewarded when you sow acts of kindness and ENLARGE PEOPLE. LOOK AROUND AND SEE WHO YOU CAN ENLARGE TODAY AND MAKE YOUR DAY COUNT.



Have you ever felt empty and like nobody cares? Just that empty feeling that leaves you unfulfilled like there is no where to turn. That is one way the Lord prepares you for the FILLING. When you feel empty, you will start looking for something to change that feeling. This is when the Lord will speak to you and what He wants in your life. The problem is we don’t always listen when the Lord speaks. He is always speaking but we are not always listening. We miss the work from the Lord because we get distracted by how we feel.

The experience of LONELINESS will develop more appreciation for companionship with other people.

The experience of DOUBT forces us to really dig in and find out what we really do believe.

The experience of SINCERITY in others develops your discerning ability. Timing is the golden word in the plan of God and in wisdom. Timing will be the key to the treasures you think about and dream about. There is a season for all things and we need to learn how to read the seasons. WHAT SEASON ARE YOU IN RIGHT NOW?

Eccl. 3:1  “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”  The Lord is good to all people but we must be willing to be prepared for what the Lord has prepared for us and do His will.



God is the one who is in charge of payment. He is the judge. He wants us to exercise the ability to WITHHOLD judgment and let God perform His program of restoration and forgiveness. Forgiveness is the removal of information and the pain of it. THERE IS NO ENTRY INTO HEAVEN UNTIL WE WALK THROUGH THE GATE OF FORGIVENESS. No rewards, no blessings, nothing until all hurt and pain has been wiped away.


1.  We must forgive people who have hurt us whether it was on purpose or not. The pain of hurt can be real or just imagined. It may have happened or not, but the pain is the same if you believe it did happen. So all the hurts, little or big it doesn’t matter it must be forgiven.

2.   We must make sure we forgive OURSELVES also. There a lot of people who have never forgiven themselves. DON’T ADVERTISE YOUR MISTAKES. Put the memory of them at the foot of the CROSS.



There is a problem in Business, Churches, and every type of work place, schools, and all job markets. The biggest problems that everybody has in life is PEOPLE. Isn’t it amazing that the biggest problem we have is in the area of relationships with other people.

This all builds around how we look at and judge other people. I have always said, ” We judge others by the silly, dumb things they do, but we judge ourselves by our intentions.” We never judge ourselves as hard as we judge other people. When we learn how to judge ourselves correctly, we will be much more consistent and right in our judgement of others.

Many times we are so hard on other people but never discipline ourselves in our own problems. Jesus said, “take the plank out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to remove the splinter in your brother’s eye.”

We all need to sit back and really JUDGE OURSELVES CORRECTLY before we try to judge other people. The Bible tells us not to judge those outside the church but that we should judge those inside the church, but the important thing is to make sure that in our JUDGING we judge ourselves first and right and then we can rightly judge others inside the church. REMEMBER EVERYTHING WE DO AND EVERY JUDGEMENT WE MAKE NEEDS TO BE FOR THE PURPOSE OF BUILDING THE KINGDOM.


Many times we actually love a characteristic or quality in someone rather than the person themselves. The question I want to ask you today is this; Do you really love the person or just the personality or what the person can do for you? DO YOU REALLY LOVE PEOPLE? I mean enough to serve them, meet them, spend time with them and really enjoy their presence.
 Be honest with yourself. Discern the DOMINANT BASIS OF ATTRACTION. If the person in your life right now is a SPIRITUAL STRENGTH or simply a person who can help you climb socially. Are you feeding physical desires?  if you do this it will be very costly in your life.
You see, “Loneliness is not a loss of affection but the loss of direction.”
1. TRUE LOVE DOESN’T FEAR. Fear is a distrust and a lack of confidence.
2. TRUE LOVE WANTS TO GIVE. Love want’s to contribute to another person’s needs. It is an investment in time, effort, and even finances. Giving to someone should bring JOY to your life.
3. TRUE LOVE ANTICIPATES ANOTHER’S NEEDS. Jesus proved this with Zacchaeus and the Samaritan woman at the well:
Matt 6: 32-33   “For your heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things, but seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be given to you as well.”
Ask yourself this question, DO I REALLY LOVE PEOPLE?



We are called upon to make choices in everything we do, every day. Think about it everything we do, everywhere we go, everyone we talk to or don’t talk to, we have to make a choice. Here’s the key after we make the choice then the choice makes us. So we need to be really careful about the choice’s we make because this is what makes us, or unmakes us which ever the case me be.

Choices we make as children are not nearly as important as the choices we make as young adults and even older adults. The choice you make as a child as to what color of a bowl you eat your cereal out of is not very important. Either color is fine, but as you get older and start hanging out with friends and people of the opposite sex. Then your choices will make a big, very large impact on your future. Some major decisions we need to watch and carefully consider are:

COMMITMENTS: The commitments we make and keep are very important and will chart a course for our life.

HONOR: If we fail in life it is because we refused to HONOR someone we should have honored. Parents, Pastor’s, Older people and such things are very important for us to honor.

OBEDIENCE:  Learning how to be obedient to those who have authority over you. In our culture today, people do not want to have anybody or anyone tell them what to do or how to live. Can I just tell you that GOD has a big problem with that kind of an attitude.

INTEGRITY: Do you all realize that you have to be able to live with yourself, even if you can’t live with other people. Peace and contentment come from the inside of a person not from outward circumstances.

These are just some of the characters that will lead us to a life of PEACE AND HAPPINESS.

Develop these in your life and you will really like who you are becoming.



building blocks of relationships

What does it take to build and organization? What is the secret to being successful? Why does one person run a restaurant and have all kinds of businesses and another person can run a restaurant and not be able to get people to come to the place. WHAT IS THE SECRET TO SUCCESS?

It doesn’t matter if your business is creating computer software, selling books, serving food in a restaurant, building houses or designing airplanes or building a church. THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS UNDERSTANDING PEOPLE!

You can have all the right tools and the right information and all the right skills, but still not be successful because you have not learned how to UNDERSTAND PEOPLE. We need to realize and understand that PEOPLE not skill, nor the right tools, but PEOPLE. If you can’t understand people and work with them, you will have a hard time accomplishing anything and you won’t become a person of INFLUENCE.

Harry Truman said, “When we understand the other fellow’s viewpoint and understand what he is trying to do, nine times out of ten he is trying to do right.” The ability to understand people is the GREATEST ASSET anyone can ever have. It has the potential to positively impact anyone you ever meet. This starts with young people who are just looking for approval, all the way us older adults, THEY ALL NEED TO BE UNDERSTOOD AND LOVED.  YOU CAN DO THAT IF YOU APPLY YOURSELF. GO AHEAD GIVE IT A TRY.



If you show people how much you care and ask questions in a non-threatening way, you will be amazed by how much they will teach you. One of the basic decisions we need to make in our life, is the decision to be concerned about SELF OR OTHERS. Now I believe it is important to love yourself, like yourself and to really feel good about yourself. However we all need to realize that the world does not revolve around us. We count but we are not the main thing. There is a world out there that needs to know that SOMEONE CARES. Do you care? I mean do you really care?
Listening to people is a way to show them that you care about what is happening in their life. Do you care what is happening in their life or are we only concerned with what is going on in our life? People are drawn to you if they know you care for them and really care what is happening in their life.
You should make an appointment with the most important person in your life and plan to spend an hour together just communicating with them. Give that person your undivided attention and spend the time talking about them and not yourself. See what a difference it makes in the relationship you have with them. Ask them questions about what is going on in their life instead of telling them all the things in your life. If you will do this your relationship will grow and you will have more influence with them that you ever have. TRY IT AND SEE IF DOESN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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