The 5 Levels of Leadership

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New Seminar: The 5 Levels of Leadership

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As a John Maxwell certified Coach, Speaker, and Teacher I will be teaching on “The 5 Levels of Leadership”

Leadership is the difference maker and the deal breaker. It’s how we grow organizations. It’s how we impact lives. But, as you also know, leadership cannot be an idea we simply talk about; leadership is the action we must live out.

“The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.”

~ John C. Maxwell



We have set the date for our next Morris on Leadership seminar with the John Maxwell course on the “FIVE LEVELS OF LEADERSHIP” This is one of Maxwell’s best attended seminar and I am looking forward to having you at this seminar. It teaches the five levels of leadership from the bottom to the top. How to advance from one level to the next and the circumstances you must overcome to go to the next level.

This is an exciting class and has a ton of insight on leadership. It is set for April 25, 2015 starting at 9:00am until 3:00pm. The cost is $25.00 per person and lunch will be provided. The class will be at 3649 Frontage Rd, Port Orchard WA 98366. You are welcome to invite anyone you know who would like to come be a part of this great teaching.

Hope to see you there!!!


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Last week I sent out information on our upcoming seminar on How to Put Your Dreams to the Test. We originally had it set for January 17th from 9m-3pm. There has been a scheduling conflict with that day and we have to move it. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and we hope that with the new date you will be able to make it.
New Date: January 31, 2015
Time: 9am-3pm
Place: Family Worship Center
3649 W Frontage Road
Port Orchard, WA 98366

*Our seminar with be in a classroom down our kids hallway and where the offices are.

For any questions please feel free to call
Stan Morris @ (360) 271-2700 or
Jessica Lopez @ (360) 551-7213

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Put Your Dreams To The Test!!!


We are making preparation for our up coming SEMINAR with John C. Maxwell. this seminar will be “PUTTING YOUR DREAM TO THE TEST”
This seminar is a great study for people who have a dream or know what their purpose in life is all about. So many people do not know what they are supposed to do or what their vocation in life is all about. Nothing can be more confusing or frustrating in a person’s life that to know that you are destined for more, but don’t know what it is.

One of the first lessons in putting your dreams to the test, is to really know and know for sure if this dream is really your dream, or is it a dream that someone else put in your heart. IT HAS TO BE YOUR DREAM NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S.

You must know what it is your are called to be and do. Without this first step your will be an empty person with no direction and no drive in your life.

You must know your PURPOSE and realize that you have POTENTIAL to fulfill that dream or God would not have given it to you.

We will also be addressing the fact that many people lack the CONFIDENCE needed to pursue their dreams.

I would love to encourage you to come be a part of this great Maxwell Seminar.

January 17th 2015
9:00am thru 3:00pm
Family Worship Center
3649 W. Frontage Rd
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Call Stan Morris @ 360-271-2700
Or Jessica Lopez @ 360-551-7213, to sign up today!!!!!

Keep changing and Growing



There is a law in Leadership that says, “To do a high jump you need one person who can jump seven feet, not seven people who can jump one foot.”

Many tasks will never be achieved by throwing more people at the task. Jobs many times require talent not more people. EXCELLENCE IS IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT TALENT. Teams don’t win games with talent and without all of the team working together for one goal and one purpose. Talent that is fulfilled brings the greatest happiness that a person can know.

To develop talent it takes a lot of practice and a lot of hard work. However practice will not get you where you want to be unless it is the right practice. You can practice wrong and never will you gain talent.





There is a saying that says, “There are never two consecutive days in the life of a leader.” That may be true but I believe that even the days that are not perfect are better than any days you had before you knew what your purpose in life was. When  a man or woman begins to walk in their purpose, that are able to meet challenges head on and most of the time they don’t seen that bad.

when a person faces the giants in their life and begin to have some victory in their life it gives them the added drive and desire they need to go ahead and be an overcomer. That’s what life is all about, “becoming an overcomer, not a victim but an overcomer.”
Create a GROWTH culture around you and then you will :
1.     Recognize Potential
2.     Attract        Potential
3.     Develop     Potential
4.     Empower   Potential
When you do these things, you grow and so does everyone around you. GET GROWING AND KEEP GROWING.

RIP Dr. Miles Monroe

miles munroe

I just heard some news that set me back somewhat. Dr. Miles Monroe and his wife Ruth were both killed in a plane crash while trying to land at the Grand Bahama Airport. He and his wife and seven others were on the way to Freeport to hold a leadership conference.

Dr. Monroe is a great man of God and a great speaker and Pastor. He is also an author and has written many books on leadership and purpose.

I have followed Dr. Monroe’s ministry and have heard him speak many times. I know he will be missed by all who knew him. He is with Jesus and what better place could he be. His ministry was built around purpose and leadership, I pray that his death will inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

Put Your Dreams to the Test


We just finished our leadership seminar last month and are looking at another date in January. This seminar is called “How to put your DREAM TO THE TEST.”

Leadership is a large part of the answer to the problems we are facing in the world today. How leaders lead, and what leaders know is very important. It is on thing to be able to lead but it is altogether more important to lead in the right direction with the right motives and knowledge, you really can make a difference in your sphere of influence.

This seminar, “HOW TO PUT YOUR DREAM TO THE TEST.” Will answer the questions you have about, is my dream really possible and is it really MY DREAM or is it something someone else has put on me that is not really my own,

this seminar will help you define your dream and the chance that it can come to fruition in your life. Start planning for this seminar, we are looking at a date of JANUARY 17, 2015. Would love to see you at this great seminar.

How Important is Trust!!!


How important is TRUST for a leader? It is the Solid Ground on which Leadership is built. Without the TRUST of your followers, they will not follow you. And if no one is following you, you are just out for a walk.
People do not always have to agree with you but they must trust that what you are telling them, you really do believe and that you live what you teach. Is it a reality in your own personal life, if not TRUST is broken and you have no followers. And if you have no followers you have no influence and if you have no influence with people you will never accomplish your dreams and goals.

Above all make sure you live your life so that those who God sends into your life to influence can TRUST you.



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