sn’t it amazin…

sn’t it amazing how we respond to situations in our lives. We daily face things that takes un in one direction or the other. We all like the situations in our life that make us better or prosper us in some way, but what about the situations that try to take us down the path to ruin or destruction. We don’t like those things very well. This usually shows up in how we respond to those adverse situations in our life.

Remember the RUBBER BAND, it stretches for a season and for a purpose, but it always comes back to it’s original size. We have to be like the rubber band. We stretch, we bend, we form, but should we go back to what we were before? MAYBE NOT. I believe we get stretched for the purpose of growing and changing so we can go to the next level in our life and purpose. I know I want to grow and change so I can be better in everything I do. I want more friends and more influence with the people I meet and get to know. I think you want the same thing for your life also. When adversity strikes, it’s alright to go back to the same size, but go back, better, stronger, and with a new zest for life. IT REALLY IS A GOOD LIFE, with a lot of opportunities to build and help other people and that’s where REAL LIFE comes from.

Have a great day and add value to someone’s life today.


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