When you want to take on a new task or you want to build a business or anything else that you start new. There are three things you need to consider before you start. We all want to see growth in our lives and for our families. So many times we start out in a new enterprise and then it doesn’t turn out the way we planned and we give up and look for something else to give our time too.

Three things to consider when you start a new project in your life.

1.  REQUIREMENTS:  Ask yourself, what are the requirements going to be for this new enterprise that I am starting. What am I going to be required to do. How much time, energy, and commitment is this going to take. Ask yourself, am I ready to take on all of this that is going to be required?

2.  RETURNS:  What kind of return am I going to get with this new project. If you don’t get something out of this project, you will probably not last at it very long. You need to get something back in the form of satisfaction for the energy you put in. Returns are different for each person. For some it will be the way you feel after you have created something or the return to your family or whatever.

3.  REWARDS: There has to be some kind of REWARDS for the time you spend on this project. Are you being REWARDED for your time and energy? If not, you will not stay at the project very long without feeling that you are wasting your time and talent.

Consider these three things before you jump into that new project that looks so good to you. REMEMBER THE DREAM IS ALWAYS FREE, BUT THE JOURNEY CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE. HAVE YOU COUNTED THE COST? If not, you should consider doing so.


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