Many people think that leadecrafting-a-green-manifesto-1rship is a position they get or arrive at in life. They think this makes them a leader. Leadership is not a position, it cannot be given to a person by gift or hire. Harold S. Geneen says, “Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.” Many times people work at a job, maybe in a church or a corporation or some other employment; they say, ” One day I will work my way up to supervisor or manager and then I will be a leader.

Why not start out the job being a leader, not by getting a position but by having influence with the people that you work with around you. Leadership is not a position but it is having influence with people. You see at any level in an organization you can start out with influence. It’s the way you act, the way you work, the way you handle yourself. You influence people by having the best attitude, by having a spirit of working together with others. You have all heard the saying that a dad says to his son when he goes out to play. “Son play well with the other kids.” Leadership is being on the TEAM AND BEING THE BEST TEAM MEMBER in the group.

You can do this, but it does take a concerted effort and you must do it intentional. It begins with having the best ATTITUDE and the having the best ACTION to go along with the ATTITUDE. If you have the attitude to be a great leader, you can do this and show a great attitude. BE YOUR BEST!!


2 responses

  1. Good stuff, Dr Morris! – Marla

    1. I appreciate the kind words! Hope all is going well for you. -Stan

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