What is Your Dream?

Picture2People tell us all the time, I have a dream, there’s something that I want to do with my life. Many times we have dreams and we are excited about those dreams, but then a thing called LIFE HAPPENS. Life comes along and it seems like it takes away the DREAMS. Doesn’t it seem that’s what happens all the time. I want to do something with my life but there are always things, (LIFE) that comes in and messes with my life, MY DREAM. How can you tell if your DREAM has any change of coming to pass. Many DREAMS are buried in the cemetery of people who never were able to complete their goals for life. A couple of things that will help you be able to bring that DREAM to a goal that can be reached.

Number one, “Is the DREAM really your DREAM, or is it something that someone else put in your mind or wants you to do for them? Is it really something that you want to do more than anything else. Are you willing to prioritize your life around your DREAM. Are you in touch with your DREAM so much that you will get up early or stay up late to PREPARE yourself to be ready to make that DREAM come to reality. IT TAKES A COMMITMENT that most people do not understand. But it has to be there in order for the DREAM TO SURVIVE.

Number two, Are you willing to BUY INTO your own DREAM. Are you willing to invest MONEY, TIME and TALENT into your DREAM. See if you are not willing to work for your DREAM, it will never last. It’s not a real DREAM, it’s just WISHFUL THINKING. Invest in your DREAM, time, talent and yes some of your money. If you will not believe in your DREAM why wound any one else believe in it either. In Feb I have a seminar coming up that is entitled, “PUTTING YOUR DREAM TO THE TEST.” A way to tell if it really can come true. Invest in yourself and make it happen.  www.morrisonleadership.org


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