The ICE BREAKER will encourage you to share or invite others into your DREAMS. When you add value to OTHERS you are opening yourself up to other people to share your life. You can share nothing greater than yourself with other people. When you give yourself to other people it comes back to you in the form of people who will give themselves to you also. It takes time and is probably the hardest work that a Leader has to do. It takes time, it takes energy, and it takes all the skill you can develop in your life. Skill is the ability to live life SUCCESSFULLY in all you do.
A great ICE-BREAKER for me was when I started in the Life Insurance business. I was intimidated by all the successful people around me who I thought were so much better than I was. One day while reading the scripture in Eph, in the first two chapters I realized the reason I felt so intimidated was I did not know who I was. I truly believe that for any person to be successful you must find out who you are and why you were created. Its pretty important to know these two facts.

Once I really found out who I was, I found that I was no longer intimidated by people, by large crowds of people I didn’t know or by people who seemed to have more money or were on a higher social level than I was. I know that if you are honest with yourself you have gone through some of these same feelings. YOU HAVE TO OVERCOME THESE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. If you do you will be on the right track to being the LEADER and successful person that you are meant to be. So why not just make a decision and go ahead and BREAK THE ICE! Do you really want it and do you want it enough to go for it? YOU HAVE TO DECIDE!


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