leadership-pictureThe Multiplication Factor is when you have worked with people, mentored them or spent a large amount of time with them. You feel they are ready to take on some of the responsibility and go out on their own. Hand off the baton. This is important for two reason’s.

1.   The person grows when they are released to do a job on their own.

2.   The Mentor can accomplish much more when other people can take the reigns.

Re-producing leaders raises your influence to a new and higher level. When you influence leaders who cannot or will not exercise influence worth others, you limit your influence in their lives and others. However, when you influence leaders you not only influence them but all the people they know as well.

Re-producing leaders raises the new leader to a higher potential level. Anytime you help others become better leaders, you raise the bar on their potential. They are able to perform and influence people at a greater degree, SO MORE INFLUENCE.

Re-producing leaders MULTIPLIES RESOURCES.  As you develop leaders you will find that your resources will also multiply. This is really true in the area of TIME. The other leaders will carry some of the burden that you were carrying all by yourself.

Re-producing leaders insures a better future for your company or organization. Being able to bring in new, young people in your organization is the key to longevity in your company. Remember: THERE IS NO SUCCESS WITHOUT A SUCCESSOR.

Learn the principle of MULTIPICATION, it will guarantee you a calling in the future for years to come.


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