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We all have influence, the big question is what kind of influence do YOU have?


Have you ever thought of yourself as an influencer or someone who has been given influence over other people? Whether you realize it or not you are an INFLUENCER!!

If you are a housewife you have influence over your children, if you are a husband you have influence over your wife and your children. If you are a married woman you have a great deal of influence over your husband. you have all heard the saying, “behind every successful man is a great woman helping.” This statement is so true, we all help others reach higher levels of achievement than we can ever do on our own.
An influencer ENLARGES people. The best way to enlarge people is to take steps to enlarge YOURSELF. As you enlarge yourself you will not be able to stop enlarging others around you. As you grow everything around you grows. As your influence grows the influence of others will grow around you. EVERYTHING GETS BETTER.
Make sure your influence is POSITIVE and not NEGATIVE. We all have influence the big question is what kind of influence do I have? YOU MAKE THE CHOICE.



“A competent leader can get efficient service from poor troops, while on the contrary an enactable leader can demoralize the best of troops”  John J. Pershing. Our ability to lead will determine everything that happens in our life. Good leadership will bring good results while poor leadership will always be in need of something. Have you considered what kind of leadership are you providing for your family, for your job place, for the people you hang out with?  John C. Maxwell says, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” A good NFL coach can take average players, form a team and win games, even with average players. A poor coach can have better players and not win as many games. The difference is LEADERSHIP.

As the coach of your life, how are you doing? Are you building a TEAM, even in your family, on your job, just building a team spirit that says I want to be a winner in life. I want to reach for the stars. I want to play the game of life to win. How about you, are you a winner and do you lead yourself and your family in a good positive way? If not why not start today, make changes in your life that will cause you to rise about your circumstances.



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