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We all have influence, the big question is what kind of influence do YOU have?


Have you ever thought of yourself as an influencer or someone who has been given influence over other people? Whether you realize it or not you are an INFLUENCER!!

If you are a housewife you have influence over your children, if you are a husband you have influence over your wife and your children. If you are a married woman you have a great deal of influence over your husband. you have all heard the saying, “behind every successful man is a great woman helping.” This statement is so true, we all help others reach higher levels of achievement than we can ever do on our own.
An influencer ENLARGES people. The best way to enlarge people is to take steps to enlarge YOURSELF. As you enlarge yourself you will not be able to stop enlarging others around you. As you grow everything around you grows. As your influence grows the influence of others will grow around you. EVERYTHING GETS BETTER.
Make sure your influence is POSITIVE and not NEGATIVE. We all have influence the big question is what kind of influence do I have? YOU MAKE THE CHOICE.


fish-influence-follow-360Modeling is the first step in having influence with people. People are influenced more by what they see than what you say or tell them. If they see it modeled in your life they will be more likely to follow you. When you first meet people, you have no influence on them at all unless there is someone you they know and trust introduces you to them; you will be more likely to have at least some influence with them. They will then assume that you are credible until they get to know you.

You can be a model to the masses, but to go to the higher levels of influence, you’ll have to work with individuals.

The second level is MOTIVATING. If you really want to have influence and make an impact in people’s lives, you must do it up close. PERSONAL AND INDIVIDUALS. You become a MOTIVATIONAL influencer when you encourage people and communicate with them on an emotional level, this does 2 things:

1.  It creates a bridge between you and them.

2. It builds up their confidence and sense of self-worth. It helps people feel good about themselves and even feel good about you the INFLUENCER.



Picture6Influence doesn’t come to us instantaneously; it grows by stages. Everyone has influence of some kind, the mom, the school teacher, the business owner, the worker at the plant. All of them have influence with someone and over someone. The question is not do I have influence, the question is WHAT KIND OF INFLUENCE DO I HAVE? Influence with people can be either GOOD OR BAD. The drug gangs on the streets of every major city has influence over young kids they are trying to get into their gangs. The problem is, it’s the wrong kind of influence. It is not leading young people the way they should be going. A mother has influence over her children, what is she teaching them? RIGHT OR WRONG?

People who really want to make a difference in people’s lives will have an influence in people’s lives that is positive that will lead them where they really want to go and NEED TO GO. I want to influence people in a direction that will help them go in the right direction. That is not always easy, but it is the best way.

Influence starts small and it grows in stages. Where ever you are right now, make up your mind that you are going forward with a positive attitude and with stages of influence that will make this a better world to live in.



In Deut 28:13 the Lord promised to make His children the HEAD and not the TAIL. So many people are not living the life of the HEAD, they are blown around by every wind that blows. We get the promise but so many times we don’t actually live it out. I believe that PROMOTION comes from the way we LEAD and function in our lives. If we operate as the head and not the tail, we will see PROMOTION in our lives. On the other hand if we are living the life of the TAIL, being pushed around by circumstances in our life, it is hard to get a PROMOTION of any kind. As the story goes, when you follow the rules set up by the CREATOR we will live a life of BLESSING AND PROMOTION for ourselves and our families.

You can be the HEAD and not the TAIL, but the head has to keep his life in order for the PROMOTION TO SOME. PROMOTION comes from the Lord.



Today I’m sitting our on the veranda watching the ocean and all the people on the beach. What a great day this is. You know every day should be like this, but we all know the reality of life is that not every day is this good. Some days there are pain and hurt and sadness all around us. People hurting all over, that is the reason for LEADERSHIP. We need people who are leaders who KNOW THE WAY, SHOW THE WAY, AND LIVE THE WAY. This is so people can find a reason to go on another day, another week or another year. Everyone needs a reason to live and LEADERS, GOOD LEADERS can show people the way to live there lives successfully each and every day. It doesn’t mean you will never have problems or tragedy in your life, but it does mean LEADERS can show the way through those things.

LEADERSHIP is a great opportunity to meet the needs of mankind, but it is also a great responsibility to be the kind of LEADER who can bring people to a higher place in their lives and make their life better for them. THAT’S WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT, NOT ME BUT THEM! Have a great day today.

The Position Myth

Are you a leader? Have you got the position that says, “You are a Leader or you are the Leader.” If you have a position as a leader in your company, how did you get that place of being the leader. Were you given the position or did you work your way to the top of the organization. Leadership is not in your position it is in your influence. If you have INFLUENCE you are a LEADER. You can be a leader and not have any INFLUENCE. Every person who has influence is a LEADER no matter what work they do. A housewife, a babysitter, a teacher, no matter what, if you have influence you are letting your position work with other people and you are INFLUENCING THEM. Now we just have to make sure we are influencing them in a good positive way. You can change your WORLD and the WORLD OF other people, by using your INFLUENCE TO MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER. DO WHAT YOU CAN, WHEN YOU CAN and don’t worry about who gets the credit.





Jim Rohn said, “The objective of Leadership is t help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.” What a great goal to have for you life. “Absolute identity with one’s cause is the first and great condition of successful leadership.”  Woodrow Wilson. Are you in touch with yourself and with your cause in life. Why are you here. What is your purpose in life. Why were you created?

It is impossible to get in touch with other people if you can’t get in touch with yourself. You must know yourself and where you are going before you can convince others to take the trip with you. Followers find a LEADER and then they get a VISION. LEADERS get a VISION and then they find the FOLLOWERS. If you truly want to be a LEADER, make sure you LEAD yourself first, then you will know the way to lead others. If you’re the LEADER get out in front and stay there until you get to the place you are supposed to be. Do you feel some FEAR with this thing called LEADERSHIP? That’s good, it keeps you sharp and it is the most exciting life you could ever live. Start this morning BE A GOOD LEADER SO YOU CAN FOLLOW YOURSELF!


Green Bay Packer Coach, Vince Lombardi said, “Contrary to the opinions of many people, Leaders are not born. Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work.” Leadership is a process not an event. It’s not something that is going to happen sometime in the future. It is what is happing every day of your life. Every day you make a choice to apply things that will lead you into leadership or away from leadership. I believe every day you want to do things in your life that will teach and train you to become a better leader. If you are a husband, your family needs you to be the best leader you can be. If you are a wife, your husband and your children need you to be the best leader and mom that you can be. Every area of life pushes us to be better in whatever we do.
What do you think, can you be a better leader in your home, your church, your kids school, wherever you go? The way you do this is to do the things that will help you to have influence in the lives of other people. You can be an encourager, a helper, one who comes along side other people to make their life better. I know you can do that, anyone can but it is a choice. Do you really want to take the time and energy to become that LEADER that you REALLY WANT TO BE.


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