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There is a saying that says, “There are never two consecutive days in the life of a leader.” That may be true but I believe that even the days that are not perfect are better than any days you had before you knew what your purpose in life was. When  a man or woman begins to walk in their purpose, that are able to meet challenges head on and most of the time they don’t seen that bad.

when a person faces the giants in their life and begin to have some victory in their life it gives them the added drive and desire they need to go ahead and be an overcomer. That’s what life is all about, “becoming an overcomer, not a victim but an overcomer.”
Create a GROWTH culture around you and then you will :
1.     Recognize Potential
2.     Attract        Potential
3.     Develop     Potential
4.     Empower   Potential
When you do these things, you grow and so does everyone around you. GET GROWING AND KEEP GROWING.


RIP Dr. Miles Monroe

miles munroe

I just heard some news that set me back somewhat. Dr. Miles Monroe and his wife Ruth were both killed in a plane crash while trying to land at the Grand Bahama Airport. He and his wife and seven others were on the way to Freeport to hold a leadership conference.

Dr. Monroe is a great man of God and a great speaker and Pastor. He is also an author and has written many books on leadership and purpose.

I have followed Dr. Monroe’s ministry and have heard him speak many times. I know he will be missed by all who knew him. He is with Jesus and what better place could he be. His ministry was built around purpose and leadership, I pray that his death will inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

Integrity and High Purpose


Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “In order to be a leader a man must have followers, And to have followers, a man must have their confidence. Hence the supreme quality for a leader is unquestionably  integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a sections gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office. If a man’s associates find him guilty of phoniness, if they find that he lacks forthright integrity, he will fail. His teachings and actions must square up with each other. The first great need, therefore is INTEGRITY AND HIGH PURPOSE.”

One of the reasons our America is in such trouble is our leaders have no sense of purpose or the INTEGRITY to follow through with the vision and purpose that they do have.
INTEGRITY AND TRUST is the glue that holds people and companies, countries together. without these two traits nothing permanent can be accomplished. When asked what the most important trait is required for leadership the number one answer is INTEGRITY. that is the most important need in our culture today.
Blessings to all of you

What Kind of Influence are YOU????


chart course


How to WIN FRIENDS and INFLUENCE PEOPLE? What kind of influence do you have in your surroundings? Everyone has influence, but the million dollar question is WHAT KIND OF INFLUENCE DO YOU HAVE? If you are a husband, how are you influencing your wife, if you are a wife how are you influencing your husband and your children. Many times because we just want to have a fun time, we do things that take those we love down a path we really don’t want to go.

If you as a husband take your wife out to parties where there is drinking and partying and months later she or you become addicted to alcohol, you were responsible for leading her and yourself in the wrong direction. Here’s the kicker, we then start to blame
everyone else for all our problems when it was us who made the decision to go down that road. We need to stop blaming others for the road we go down when we are the one’s who chart our own course.

Set the right course and you will get the right results.


To be a leader or a nurturer we must learn to be other-minded, instead of self-minded. Put others first instead of putting our-selves first. It would be good to always be able to put ourselves in others people’s place before we judge them by what they do.
 A poor self-concept can have all kinds of negative effects on a person’s life. Poet T.S. Eliot says, “Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important.”
The rewards of leading and nurturing are many, when you nurturer people the rewards are many.
Everyone needs help with their self-worth. We all have a background, a past that we most likely need to overcome. A healthy self-image comes from how you think and feel about yourself. When you help build up other people you help them with feeling better about themselves. EVERYONE needs to be lifted up and nurtured.
 Belonging is one of humans basic needs. Everyone want to feel like they belong to something or someone. This is the reason why so many people join all the different clubs that are available to them. They join so they feel like they belong to something. This is an important need in everyone’s life.
 Another thing people receive when they are nurtured is a better, perspective on themselves. Most of the time we get and see the negative side of life and not enough of the positive side of life. For most people it’s not what they are that holds, it’s what they think they’re not.
 WOODY ALLEN ONCE QUIPPED, ” My only regret in life is that I’m not someone else.” He probably said that to get a laugh but the sad fact is that a lot of people are always wanting to be something or someone else rather then themselves.
 Mark Twain warned, ” Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions, small people always do that.” The key to how you treat people lies in how you think about them. It’s a matter of attitude. HOW YOU ACT REVEALS WHAT YOU BELIEVE.
“Treat a man as he appears to be and you make him worse. But treat a man as if he already was what he potentially could be, and you make him what he could be.”


Sunset-JumpsFaith in people is a quality that needs to be developed in our lives every day. When we look around and see all the HURT and DISAPPOINTMENT in people’s lives, it is easy to lose your FAITH in people. If you want to be an INFLUENCER or a LEADER, having FAITH in people is essential.


1.   MOST PEOPLE DON’T HAVE FAITH IN THEMSELVES. Many times because of HURTS or a low self esteem, many people have a hard time having FAITH in themselves. LIFE HAS BEEN HARD.

2.   MOST PEOPLE DON’T HAVE SOMEONE WHO HAS FAITH IN THEM. In our society today most people feel ISOLATED. The strong sense of COMMUNITY that was once felt in our Nation is not enjoyed by most people today.

3.   MOST PEOPLE CAN TELL WHEN SOMEONE HAS FAITH IN THEM. People’s instincts are pretty sharp. They can tell when someone likes them and has FAITH in them. Many people have stories of how their life changed when someone took the time to BELIEVE IN THEM.

4.   MOST PEOPLE WILL DO ANYTHING TO LIVE UP TO YOUR FAITH IN THEM. People rise and fall to meet your level of expectations of them. If you believe in them and expect them to do well, they will go the extra mile trying to do their best for you.


Have FAITH in yourself and build it into other people. You both will be better off for it.


ImageLeadership is based on the “LAW OF INFLUENCE.” In fact LEADERSHIP is nothing more and nothing less than INFLUENCE. Many people think that leadership is having a “Position” or a “Title” or maybe “Money and Power.”  These things are not LEADERSHIP. You can have all those things and still not be a LEADER. The person with INFLUENCE is the real LEADER.

There are three questions that all followers will ask of a LEADER:

1.  Do you care for me?

2.  Can you help me?

3.  Can I TRUST YOU?

A real leader will be asked these three questions and until he can answer them he does not qualify to be the LEADER. A leader must care for others at least as much as he cares for himself. That takes a very big person indeed. Next, do you have the knowledge and the know how to help other people with their struggle in life? Can you really help them have a better life? And last, can you be trusted, with integrity, character and a good testimony  from those around you? THIS IS WHAT A LEADER  IS ALL ABOUT.



Jim Rohn said, “The objective of Leadership is t help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.” What a great goal to have for you life. “Absolute identity with one’s cause is the first and great condition of successful leadership.”  Woodrow Wilson. Are you in touch with yourself and with your cause in life. Why are you here. What is your purpose in life. Why were you created?

It is impossible to get in touch with other people if you can’t get in touch with yourself. You must know yourself and where you are going before you can convince others to take the trip with you. Followers find a LEADER and then they get a VISION. LEADERS get a VISION and then they find the FOLLOWERS. If you truly want to be a LEADER, make sure you LEAD yourself first, then you will know the way to lead others. If you’re the LEADER get out in front and stay there until you get to the place you are supposed to be. Do you feel some FEAR with this thing called LEADERSHIP? That’s good, it keeps you sharp and it is the most exciting life you could ever live. Start this morning BE A GOOD LEADER SO YOU CAN FOLLOW YOURSELF!



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